Keyboard Maestroの「Insert Token」と「Actions」の一覧表

公開日:2018年1月 6日、更新日:2018年1月 7日

Keyboard Maestroを使う上で、Insert Token(状況に応じて挿入できる文字列)がひとつのポイントになるように思うのですが、これの一覧表が欲しいので作ってみました。

Named ClipboardTemporary
Unnamed Named Clipboard
make link
Delete (Hide a Variable)
Position Cursor (Insert Text only)
CalculationCalculation with Result in Binary
Formatted Calculation
Calculation with Result in Decimal
Calculation with Result in Hex
Calculation with Result in Octal
DateFormatted (ICU) Date Time
Formatted (ICU) Date Time For
Formatted (ICU) Date Time Minus
Formatted (ICU) Date Time Plus
Long Date
Time With Seconds
Number Date
Short Date
Front BrowserFront Browser Field
Front Browser JavaScript
Front Browser Ready State
Front Browser Document Title
Front Browser Document URL
Google ChromeGoogle Chrome Field
Google Chrome JavaScript
Google Chrome Ready State
Google Chrome Document Title
Google Chrome Document URL
iTunesCurrent Track Album
Current Track Artist
Current Track Name
Current Track Rating
Macro InformationSuccess Result of Last Action
The Last Alert Button Selected
Executing Macro
Executing Macro Group
Executing Macro Group UUID
Executing Macro UUID
Executing This Macro
Executing This Macro Group
Executing This Macro Group UUID
Executing This Macro UUID
The Last Found Image
The Last Custom HTML Result
Macro Name For UUID
The Last Prompt Button Selected
Tripped Trigger Text
Tripped Trigger Type
Tripped Trigger Clipboard Value
Tripped Trigger Value
MailMail BCC Recipients
Mail CC Recipients
Mail Contents
Mail Raw Source
Mail Recipients
Mail Reply To
Mail Sender
Mail Subject
Mail To Recipients
SafariSafari Field
Safari JavaScript
Safari Ready State
Safari Document Title
Safari Document URL
ScreenAddressBook First Name
AddressBook Last Name
AddressBook Name
AddressBook Nickname
AddressBook Note
AddressBook Organization
Front Application Name
Last Application Name
Audio Output Device
Finder Insertion Location path
Find Pasteboard
Keyboard Layout Input Source
Machine IP Address
Machine Name
Machine Unique ID
Network Location
A Random Unique ID
System Volume
User Login ID
User Name
Wireless Network Name(s)
SystemCurrent Mouse Location.
First Screen Frame
Second Screen Frame
Main Screen Frame
Main Screen Visible Frame
Front Window Frame
Front Window Name
Front Window Position
Front Window Size


Application ControlActivate Last Application
Activate Next Application
Activate a Specific Application
Bring Application Windows to Front
Quit All Applications
Quit Other Applications
Quit a Specific Application
Hide All Applications
Hide Other Applications
Hide Front Application
Hide a Specific Application
Show All Applications
Show a Specific Application
Set Clipboard to Text
Set Clipboard to Past Clipboard
Set Clipboard to Variable
Delete Current System Clipboard
Delete Past Clipboard
-cut to Named Clipboard
Copy to Named Clipboard
Paste from Named Clipboard
Copy Clipboard to Clipboard
Apply Style to Clipboard
Apply a BBEdit Text Factory
Search and Replace
Search using Regular Expression
substring of Variable or Clipboard
Display Clipboard
Control FlowPause
Pause Until
If Then Else
For Each
For Each Path in Finder Selection
For Each Path in Folder
Execute a Macro
Trigger Macros by Hot Key
Cancel All Macros
Cancel All Other Macros
Cancel This Macro
Cancel Just This Macro
Continue Loop
Break From Loop
Semaphore Lock
Semaphore Unlock
Semaphore Reset
DebuggerDebugger Start
Debugger Finish
Debugger Toggle
Debugger New Macros Paused
Debugger New Macros Run
Debugger Breakpoint This Macro
Debugger Breakpoint All Other Macros
Debugger Breakpoint All Macros
Debugger Step Over Other Macros
Debugger Step Into Other Macros
Debugger Step Out Other Macros
Debugger Continue This Macro
Debugger Continue All Macros
ExecuteExecute an AppleScript
Execute a Shell Script
Execute a Swift Script
Execute a JavaScript For Automation
Execute a JavaScript in Safari
Execute a JavaScript in Google Chrome
Execute a JavaScript in Custom Prompt
Execute an Automator Workflow
Execute a Macro
Trigger Macros by Hot Key
FileReveal a File
Move or Rename a File
Copy a File
Duplicate a File
Trash a File
Delete a File
Open a File, Folder or Application
Read a File
Write to a File
Append Text to a File
New Folder
Get File Attribute
Set File Attribute
Split Path
For Each Path in Finder Selection
For Each Path in Folder
Prompt for File
Front Browser ControlNew Front Browser Window
New Front Browser Tab
Next Front Browser Tab
Previous Front Browser Tab
Select Front Browser Tab
Wait For Front Browser to Finish Loading
Set Front Browser URL
Set Front Browser Title
Click Front Browser Link
Focus Front Browser Field
Select Front Browser Field
Set Variable to Front Browser Field
Set Front Browser Field to Text
Set Front Browser Checkbox
Set Front Browser Radio Button
Submit Front Browser Form
Reset Front Browser Form
Execute a JavaScript in Front Browser
Google Chrome ControlNew Google Chrome Window
New Google Chrome Tab
Next Google Chrome Tab
Previous Google Chrome Tab
Select Google Chrome Tab
Wait For Google Chrome to Finish Loading
Set Google Chrome URL
Set Google Chrome Title
Click Google Chrome Link
Focus Google Chrome Field
Select Google Chrome Field
Set Variable to Google Chrome Field
Set Google Chrome Field to Text
Set Google Chrome Checkbox
Set Google Chrome Radio Button
Submit Google Chrome Form
Reset Google Chrome Form
Execute a JavaScript in Google Chrome
ImageScreen Capture
Find Image on Screen
Read a File
Write to a File
Create New Image
Flip Image
Rotate Image
Resize Image
Resize lmage to Fit
Resize Canvas
Add or Remove Margins
Crop Image
Set lmage DP
Composite onto Image
Draw Shape onto lmage
Trim Image
Display Clipboard
Get Image Size
Interface ControlResize a Window
Move a Window
Manipulate a Window
Bring a Window to the Front
Bring Application Windows to Front
Move or Click Mouse
Click at Found Image
Select or Show a Menu Item
Press a Button
Type a Keystroke
Type Modifiers
Simulate Hardware Key
Simulate Scroll Wheel
Use Variable
iTunes ControlPlay a Specific Track
Play a Specific Playlist
Play a Random Traclk
Play a Random Track from Playlist
Play/Pause Current Track
Pause Current Track
Stop Current Track
Fast-Forward Current Track
Rewind Current Track
Next Track
Previous Track
Increase iTunes Volume
Decrease iTunes Volume
Set iTunes Volume
Increase Rating by Half a Star
Decrease Rating by Half a Star
Set Rating
Keyboard MaestroRecord Quick Macro
Trigger Macro by Name
Show Palette of Macros
Show Palette of Macros with Touch Bar
Get Touch Bar Selection
Execute a Macro
Trigger Macros by Hot Key
Set Macro or Group Enable
Mark Macro
Activate Macro Group for One Action
Activate Macro Group
Deactivate Macro Group
Activate/Deactivate Macro Group
Show Macro Group for One Action
Show Macro Group
Hide Macro Group
Show/Hide Macro Group
Cancel All Macros
Show Global Macro Palette
Hide Global Macro Palette
Toggle Global Macro Palette
Conceal Macro Palettes
Show Status Menu
Clear Typed String Buffer
Set Action Delay
Send MIDI Note Off
Send MIDI Control Change
Send MIDI Packet
NotificationsSet Mail Status
Send Mail Message
Send SMS
Send iMessage
Display Text
Prompt for User Input
Custom HTML Prompt
System Beep
Play Sound
Speak Text
Highlight Location
OpenOpen 1Password Bookmark
Open a File, Folder or Application
Open the Finder Selection
Open a URL
Open a System Preference Pane
QuickTime Player ControlPlay Current Movie
Play/Pause Current Movie
Pause Current Movie
Step Forward Current Movie
Step Backward Current Movie
Increase Current Movie Volume
Decrease Current Movie Volume
Set Current Movie Volume
Safari ControlNew Safari Window
New Safari Tab
Next Safari Tab
Previous Safari Tab
Select Safari Tab
Wait For Safari to Finish Loading
Set Safari URL
Set Safari Title
Click Safari Link
Focus Safari Field
Select Safari Field
Set Variable to Safari Field
Set Safari Field to Text
Set Safari Checkbox
Set Safari Radio Button
Submit Safari Form
Reset Safari Form
Execute a JavaScript in Safari
SwitchersActivate Application Launcher
Activate Application Switcher
Activate Window Switcher
Activate Named Clipboard Switcher
Activate Clipboard History Switcher
System ControlPut Computer to Sleep
Restart Computer
Shut Down Computer
Fast User Switch
Login Window
Log Out
Set Find Pasteboard
Set Keyboard Layout
Open/Close the CD Tray
Toggle System Sound Mute
Increase System Sound Volume
Decrease System Sound Volume
Set System Output Volume
Increase Screen Brightness
Decrease Screen Brightness
Start Screen Saver
Stop Screen Saver
Sleep Screen
Wake Screen
Set Network Location
TextInsert Text by Pasting
Insert Text by Typing
Display Text
Type a Keystroke
Set Clipboard to Text
Set Variable to Text
Set Dictionary Value
Apply Style to Clipboard
Speak Text
VariablesSet Variable to Text
Set Variable to Calculation
Set Variable to Clipboard
Set Dictionary Value
Set Variable to Keychain Password
Set Keychain Password to Text
Set Keychain Password to Variable
Search and Replace
Search using Regular Expression
Substring of Variable or Clipboard
Split Path
Use Variable
Prompt for User Input
Prompt for File
Prompt With List
Custom HTML Prompt
WebOpen a URL
Remote Trigger
Get a URL
Search the Web

この2つの表は、したたか企画さんの「画面にOCRをかけて文字を抽出したい」がスゴいのでアプリ化して、確認画面が出るようにした - DTP Transitを使って、10分くらいで作成しました。


DTP TransitのYouTubeチャンネルです。1分前後のクイックTipsを投稿しています。